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Motorbike Training. Motorbike Rider Training. Liverpool

Bikes. Learn to ride motorbikes. Merseyside

Motorbike Rider Training, Motorbike CBT, CBT, Scooter Cbt

Cbt Motorbike training. Approved motorbike course Cbt.

motorbike. Motorcyles. Rider training cbt.


CBT Liverpool

Cbt Liverpool motorbike school

Motorbike School in Liverpool. Motorbike test.

Motorcycle licence Liverpool. Full  Bike Licence 

Motorbike training in Liverpool. Bike CBT Liverpool

DAS Liverpool, DAS Merseyside.

Direct Access Course Liverpool. Direct Access Course Merseyside.


BikerZ Rider Training

Bootle FC Stadium

Vesty Road




L30 1NY

Tel: 07798901931



    Standard Charges                                       CBT Course £100.

Test fees noy

  DAS Course £330

Direct access scheme, is a Full course for just £330 and includes: 

Four 2 hour lessons

Hire of bikes for both Mod 1 & 2 Tests. Test fees are not included.


   2 Hour Lesson £60

Ideal if you would like extra lessons with your DAS Course or prefer to Pay as you go for your Course. Perfect option for someone who just needs a refresher after a break from riding!

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